• Jenny C.
    I’ve always been skeptical about personal training. I always thought personal training was for the lazy. I thought that as long as I knew what exercises I needed to do, I could learn to do them by myself. However, the personal trainer from Celebrity Physiques has changed my perspective. They know, and ... More >>

  • Carol Z.
    I am the spokesperson for Celebrity Physiques; the company has a great team of staffs such as great personal trainer, registered nutritionist, makeup artist, and others. Every individual on the team is very professional and friendly. I feel very comfortable working with them. I have been training with ... More >>

  • Eunice T.
    I am so pleased to have gotten my makeup done by Celebrity Physiques when I was a bridesmaid and also for my birthday party. I am not really a make-up person so was apprehensive about the process. At the trial prior to the wedding, she immediately put me at ease. Her friendly manner made it so easy ... More >>

  • Leo L.
    I have joined Celebrity Physiques because I wanted to build muscles in my body and I have quickly gained 10 pounds of lean muscles with only 12 training sessions and the help of nutritional consultations that I received every week! I only had to train with their personal trainer 3 times a week for 1 ... More >>

  • Valentina P.
    For me working with my makeup artist from Celebrity Physiques was a very big pleasure. She is a very nice, friendly and funny person. While she is working she is very careful at all the details, and also she is very patient, so that if I tell her that I have to blink, she would stop applying the makeup ... More >>

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  • "Once You Control Your Mind, You Can Conquer Your Body"

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  • Charity
    Giving back to the community is a big part of Celebrity Physiques. We are very thankful for all the support and love everyone have given us and we want to pass that on to those who need a hand. To really give back to our community, Celebrity Physiques donates a portion of its profits to the following charities/organizations:

    Sick Kids Children's Foundation
    Here at Celebrity Physiques, promoting good health is our number one priority as it impacts how we live our lives. That is why we support the cause to improve child health in Canada as we believe the children are our future. The Sick Kids Foundation is Canada's number one leading community investing in scientific research and advancement in child health, and we hope our contributions will aid Sick Kids in making a difference for all children in Canada.

    Be thankful for all the things your already have in your life, take care of yourself and your love ones, and treasure every moment.