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  • Jenny C.
    I’ve always been skeptical about personal training. I always thought personal training was for the lazy. I thought that as long as I knew what exercises I needed to do, I could learn to do them by myself. However, the personal trainer from Celebrity Physiques has changed my perspective. They know, and ... More >>

  • Carol Z.
    I am the spokesperson for Celebrity Physiques; the company has a great team of staffs such as great personal trainer, registered nutritionist, makeup artist, and others. Every individual on the team is very professional and friendly. I feel very comfortable working with them. I have been training with ... More >>

  • Eunice T.
    I am so pleased to have gotten my makeup done by Celebrity Physiques when I was a bridesmaid and also for my birthday party. I am not really a make-up person so was apprehensive about the process. At the trial prior to the wedding, she immediately put me at ease. Her friendly manner made it so easy ... More >>

  • Leo L.
    I have joined Celebrity Physiques because I wanted to build muscles in my body and I have quickly gained 10 pounds of lean muscles with only 12 training sessions and the help of nutritional consultations that I received every week! I only had to train with their personal trainer 3 times a week for 1 ... More >>

  • Valentina P.
    For me working with my makeup artist from Celebrity Physiques was a very big pleasure. She is a very nice, friendly and funny person. While she is working she is very careful at all the details, and also she is very patient, so that if I tell her that I have to blink, she would stop applying the makeup ... More >>

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Class Registration
To book our on-location or in-studio services, simply email us your request at or call us at 647-295-6828.

Available Services

Perfect for those looking into keeping fit before a wedding/event, losing weight or gaining lean muscle mass in a short period of time with results that last!

Fitness assessments

- Determining your main goals, current body fat percentages and fat-free mass
- Measuring blood pressures for safety precautions
- Determining past and current pain/injuries
- Determining
whether or not lifestyle changes are necessary
- A quick run through your typical dietary intake
- Assessing the main problem from your dietary choices
- 360 physique checklist

Personal Training
- Learn the correct and proper way to warming-up your body
- Learn the correct way to execute exercises to avoid injury and to maximize results
- Understand which muscle group is being targeted from each exercise
- Target your weaker body parts while
- Customized training program catered to your overall physique
- Track your progress on our website

Perfect for those looking to have a healthier eating habit in order to improve your overall health or to lose weight.

Signature customized weight-loss diet program
- Easy to follow
- Clients are allowed to have the foods they want in their diet (contact for more details)
- Flexible food choices
- Six meals per day! (No need to starve ever again during a diet!)
- 15 minutes nutritional consultation follow-up provided once a week for 8 weeks
- Weight-in every week to keep track of results
- Recommendations and reminders provided through our website

*Our system is proven to lose 8-10lbs in just for 4 weeks*

Learn to apply your own makeup to achieve a professional application under the comfort and convenience of your own home or book our professional makeup artists to beautify you on your wedding day or for a special occasion!


Makeup Lessons
Initial Lesson:
- Discuss yours needs and what you want to achieve
- Learn about your skin type and what makeup works best for your skin
- Review your current makeup bag
- Learn to apply a full face of makeup for your desired look (Example; work makeup, evening makeup, etc...)
- Use a combination of your own products and our products
- Provide a detailed face chart with items we used so that clients can recreate the look at home
- Provide a list of suggested products to add to your makeup bag

Subsequent Lesson:
-Learn to apply any other full makeup looks that you desire or learn to ?perfect' any 3 area of makeup application (Example; eyeliner, lashes and blush or foundation, blush and brows, etc…)

Bridal Makeup Application (on-location or in-studio)

Bridal Makeup Trial:
- Skin analysis
- Skin preparation tips
- Discuss how you envision yourself on your big day
- Full face makeup trial run
- False eyelashes and airbrushing available upon request

Makeup on the day of the wedding:
- Full face makeup application
- Full day booking up until 10pm for unlimited makeup touch-ups on bride and maid-of-honour
- Receive a FREE Touch-Up Goodie Bag

Bridesmaid/Flower Girl/Mother or Bride/Groom/Friends&Family:
- Full face makeup application
- False eyelashes and airbrushing upon request or according to the trial run

- Skin perfecting base
- Brow trimming/filling

False lashes:
- Makeup Forever
- Mac
- Handmade/Invisible Lash Band

Additional Makeup Application
Special Occasions
Corporate Events/Parties
Face Painting (Halloween, Break-Down Makeup, Fantasy, and Children Theme Parties)
Photoshoot (Actor Headshots & Model Testing)

Learn to dress your body shape or to dress for an occasion with our image consultant. Have a professional shop for you and organize your current warbdrobe to better fit your lifestyle and to update your wardrobe.

Initial consultation
- Discuss your needs and what you want to achieve

Style Awareness
- Learn about your body shape and how to dress it
- Provide personal style booklet
- A report on trends and colors that will work for your needs

Wardrobe Consultation
- In-home assessing current wardrobe
- Make piles of clothes and accessories into those to keep, to alter and to remove any
unflattering items
- Create new outfits with existing pieces
- Make list of gaps in the wardrobe

Personal Shopping
- Purchase wardrobe staples and classic pieces based on your needs
- Combined with what's at home, create capsule wardrobe for both work and casual outings
- Go to high street stores or designer boutiques depending on budget
- Learn how to accessorize garments to create different outfits
- Learn what works for you and what to avoid

Learn about your skin type and what products works best for you with our skin care specialist.

Initial consultation
- Discuss your needs and what you want to achieve
- Quick run-through of the complexity of your current skin care regime

Skin Awareness
- Learn about your skin type and what products would work best for your skin
- Learn the correct order and the proper way of applying skin care products for the best

Skin Care Consultation
- In-home assessment of current skin care regime
- Separate products that are worth keeping from those that are harmful to your skin
- Suggest essential products that are an asset to your current skin care regime

Personal Shopping
- Purchase essential skin care products that completes your daily skin care routine
- Go to department stores, boutiques, online shops or drugstores depending on budget
- An option of having your skin care shopped for you according to your needs